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What exactly is FACES camp?

It is a camp designed for children with any type of craniofacial anomaly such as Cleft Lip and Palate, Apert syndrome, Crouzon syndrome, Pfeiffer syndrome, Treacher Collins syndrome, Goldenhar, etc., as well as accident/burn or disease.The purpose of the camp is to help children with medical needs foster independence by engaging socially with other children experiencing similar medical issues.

When is the next FACES Camp?

July 21-31, 2020

I live close to the camp and would prefer my child not spend the night. Can they only participate in the daytime activities?


But my child has a Tracheotomy and or a G-Tube?

Not to worry. The camp has two very well trained nurses on hand with a lot of experience. Additionally, Ashley Rhodes, who is the FACES Camp Director, has a child of her own who has had a Trach for over seven years.

Who are the camp workers?

At this time, the FACESCamp Director is Ashley Rhodes, who has a child of her own with Crouzon Syndrome. We have three college age students, each born with craniofacial anomalies, who will be working the camp with her. They are Wesley Sanders (Pfeiffer Syndrome); Gracie Holland (Crouzon Syndrome) & M.E. Sanders (Pfeiffer Syndrome).

What are the “Special Events”?

· ApertOwl is partnering with FACES to sponsor a campfire social one evening.
· Save The Clefts Rescue will be joining us one morning to bring our kids some puppy love! They will teach us all about dogs with craniofacial differences by showing us what kind of things they have to do differently because they have clefts.

What does “Bring a Buddy” mean?

If your child has a sibling, cousin, or best friend that would like to attend with them, they are welcome. We believe that the “buddy” will get a lot out of the experience by having a better appreciation for the craniofacial population.

What are the ages for camp?

Ages for FACES Camp are 6-16.

What type of activities will they do at camp?

Cabin living, cool evenings around the campfire, making new friends, talent/skit nights, drama, dance, arts and crafts, traditional summer camp activities with an emphasis on nature (ie.Archery, Canoeing, Ropes Course, Zip Line, Rock/Wall Climbing, Fishing, Swimming, etc.), outdoor adventure (Field Games, Hiking, puddle jumping, creek stomping), sports (basketball, volleyball, swimming), and more. Horseback riding is sometimes available depending on week camp is on (Not Included in $400 Camp Fee), please contact us for more information!

Tell me about meal time!

You will love the food. It is amazing. The meals are served by a professional chef where the kitchen is inspected and receives high ratings from the State Health Department.

Sample Menu:

Cooked. Apples, Bacon, Veggie Bacon, Hot Cakes, Syrup, Margarine, Orange Juice, Milk, & Water

Chicken Noodle Soup, Crackers, Sub Sandwiches, Cold Cuts, Veggie Bacon, Cheese, L/T/O, Pickles, Mustard & Mayo, Chocolate Cake & Salad Bar, Juice, Tea, & Water

Lasagna, Veg. Lasagna, Veggies, Garlic Bread, Parmesan Cheese, Salad Bar & Dessert, Juice, Tea, & Water

Evening Snack:
Milk and Cookies